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Nutritech Shape Shake ( 900gr )


Shape shake is a high quality protein shake that will keep you feeling full for a long time. Shape Shake multi-source protein blend contains milk protein and protein isolate. Milk proteins have all 9 essential amino acids required by humans and are bioavailable.

Shape Shake is more than just a great tasting protein, it also contains C.L.A, taurine, carnitine and fibers. C.L.A. (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) belongs to the omega family of fatty acids, which perform vital functions in the body, may be beneficial in numerous health conditions, including heart disease and cancer, and may reduce body fat. Taurine is the amino acid of anxiety control and stress management because it will lower cortisol and helps people sleep better. It also improves athletic performance and reaction time, making it useful for athletes. It supports insulin health, can help prevent diabetes, and elevates energy production. L-Carnitine is a nutrient that helps the body break down fat and turn it into energy. It also increases the activity of certain nerve cells in the central nervous system. L-Carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced by the body in the liver and kidneys and stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain and sperm. Fiber may help lower total blood cholesterol levels by lowering low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol levels and tends to make a meal feel larger and linger longer, so you stay full for a greater amount of time.
The creamy Shape Shake of Nutritech contains very little sugar, it mixes easily and tastes incredible! With only 102 calories per serving, you can enjoy your shake with a clear conscience. Combined with a proper diet and exercises, Shape Shake will help you achieve your goals.

Nutritech Super Protein Complex ( 2KG )


Super Protein Complex is an ideal blend of 6 high quality protein sources. Our specific proportions in this unique combination makes this formula one of the best on the market. The special blend of these six different sources provides continuous protein utilization, creating a “time release” formula for increased nitrogen retention.

All proteins digest at different rates, from very fast to very slow, ensuring constant amino acid supply to the body. Whey protein hydrolysate is absorbed immediately, and whey isolate and concentrate breakdown quickly within 1-2 hours after consumption. Egg albumin and calcium caseinate takes 3-4 hours to absorb while miscelar casein may take even longer

The addition of Aminogen© (cutting edge digestive enzymes) provides maximum absorption. Aminogen© gives you more from your protein, by helping your body breakdown and absorb more Amino acids and maintain a better nitrogen balance. Clinical trials prove that Aminogen© boast levels of all amino acids, including arginine and glutamine and releases much more branched chained amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine.

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Nutritech Whey Complete (2KG)


Whey complete is a food supplement high in whey protein. The whey proteins are purified by a process of ultrafiltration and ion exchange chromatography. This fraction is rich in the whey proteins including, beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactoglobulin, immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA and IgM), glycomacropeptides, bovine serum albumin (BSA), lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme.
Whey Complete offers large portions of high quality protein, without the added fat, sugars, or carbohydrates. This formula makes it the perfect product to help pack muscle-building proteins into your diet. Whey Complete has a great taste and dissolves instantly in cold water, no mixer necessary!

Nutritech Whey Complete (900gr)


• 100% premium whey protein
• whey protein concentrate & isolate
• mixes instantly
• aspartame free
• award winning flavours
• loaded with bcaa’s & glutamine

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Nutritech Whey isolaat Vanille (900gr)


Wat is NutriTech Iso whey

Whey Isolate bevat whey isolaat als eiwitbron. Daarnaast zit er voor een klein gedeelte aan whey hydrolisaat in. Whey isolaat is een eiwit dat wordt gewonnen uit melk, en extra wordt gefilterd. Hierdoor zitten er in whey isolaat poeders weinig koolhydraten en vetten.

✅ Voor welk doel :
Perfect voor mensen die willen afvallen. Droge spiermassa opbouwen, Helpt de spieren herstellen en helpt met de instant houding van de spieren.

✅ Hoe gebruik ik het :
Meng 30g met 300 ml water of melk. Neem dit direct na het trainen. Dit product kan ook als maaltijd vervanger gebruikt worden.

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Snicker HiProtein Eiwitrepen


Snickers HiProtein Eiwitrepen

De Snickers HiProtein eiwitreep is een snackreep met eiwit voor de lekkere trek!

De Snickers HiProtein eiwitreep bevat maar liefst 20 gram eiwit, 20 gram koolhydraten. Boordevol pinda’s, karamel en nougat omhuld in heerlijke melkchocolade. Dat is lekker! Een doos Snickers HiProtein bevat 12 eiwitrepen.

Kenmerken Snickers HiProtein Eiwitrepen:

  • 20 gram eiwit per eiwitreep!
  • Boordevol pinda’s, karamel en nougat
  • Omhuld in heerlijke melkchocolade
  • 20 gram koolhydraten
  • 12 Snickers eiwitrepen per doos