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Creatine (pure creatine monohydrate)



Neem 25 g verdeeld over de dag (5×5 g) gedurende 10 dagen. Daarna slechts 10 g innemen voor de inspanning. Oplossen in 200 ml sinaasappelsap.



60 V-capsules

Inhoud per capsule
-Magnesium (citraat) 200 mg

– Geen

1-2 capsules

Wanneer we regelmatig in situaties van spanning en stress verkeren staan de mineralen magnesium en zink onder druk. In dat geval zal magnesium een welkome aanvulling op de dagelijkse voeding zijn.
Magnesium is één van de belangrijkste mineralen in ons lichaam en betrokken bij meer dan 300 enzymatische processen. Magnesium citraat bevat magnesium in de vorm van citraat, de vorm waarin dit belangrijke mineraal optimaal geabsorbeerd wordt. Op deze manier worden de vele lichaamsfuncties van magnesium het beste ondersteund.

Ondersteunt de energiestofwisseling: magnesium is betrokken bij de ATP-synthese en daarmee samenhangende processen (glycolyse, eiwitstofwisseling);
Ondersteunt het behoud van sterke botten en tanden;
Bevordert de stabiliteit van celmembranen: magnesium bevordert het juiste membraanpotentiaal (die zo essentieel is voor de geleiding van zenuwimpulsen) door het ondersteunen van de natrium-kaliumpomp die er voor zorgt dat natrium de cel verlaat en kalium de cel ingaat;
Is van belang voor het zenuwstelsel;
Ondersteunt de spierfunctie (spiercontractie en -relaxatie);
Bevordert een goede cholesterolspiegel;
Is gunstig voor de bloeddruk;
Ondersteunt de hartfunctie.

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Mars Protein Eiwitrepen


Mars HiProtein Eiwitrepen – Mars

De Mars HiProtein eiwitreep is een overheerlijke snackreep met eiwit voor de lekkere trek!

Mars HiProtein is verkrijgbaar in de voor Mars kenmerkende chocolade en karamel smaak maar dan in een verantwoorder jasjes. De Mars HiProtein Eiwitreep bevat maar liefst 20 gram eiwit, 23 gram koolhydraten . Dat is puur genieten van elke hap! Een doos Mars Protein bevat 12 eiwitrepen.

Kenmerken Mars HiProtein Eiwitrepen:

  • Heerlijke Mars snackreep met eiwit!
  • Met chocolade en karamel
  • 20 gram eiwit per eiwitreep!
  • 23 gram koolhydraten
  • 12 Mars eiwitrepen per doos

Nutritech CLA ( 90 caps )


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is an omega-6 fatty acid proven to reduce body fat while preserving lean body mass.

CLA is clinically proven to improve body composition by helping to maintain lean muscle mass. This natural fat source also fuels metabolism and enhances your diet.

Nutritech Fat Releaser ( 90 caps)


Nutritech Fat Releaser assists healthy weight management, body metabolism & energy levels. It contains a synergistic blend lipotropic agents, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid in proper fat metabolism. Lipotropic agents are those which help catalyze the breakdown of fat in the body.


Nutritech IBCAA ( 500gr )

49.00 39.00

Amino acids are necessary for the growth and repair of muscles and tissues. Without them, protein in the body breaks down, resulting in muscle loss. There are 20 total amino acids the body needs. About half are non-essential, meaning they’re made by the body; the other half are essential, meaning they must be obtained from food or supplements.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) include the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine can be taken in supplement form before, during or after a workout to help improve exercise performance and endurance in addition to potentially aiding in muscle recovery.

Amino acids from food travel first to the liver, where they’re broken down for use as fuel or assigned to muscle repair. BCAAs bypass the liver and go directly to the muscles for fueling, building and repairing. Thus, they can be used during a workout for endurance and after for muscle-building.

During exercise, increased levels of serotonin, the hormone that regulates mood, can cause fatigue. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin signals the brain that the body is tired as the amino acid tryptophan travels to the brain. Several studies have proven that BCAAs, specifically valine, can potentially help reduce serotonin levels and help prevent tryptophan from entering the brain as a means of bypassing exercise fatigue.

Also added is glutamine for its anti-catabolic properties and antioxidant Vitamin C.

Nutritech Omega 3 (60 caps)


Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for human health but the body can’t make them, you have to get them through food. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in fish, such as salmon, tuna, and halibut, algae and krill, some plants and nut oils. Omega 3 plays a crucial role in brain function, as well as normal growth and development. They have become popular because they may reduce the risk of heart disease and improves cholesterol.

Nutritech Protein Pancake Mix ( 900 gr )

    Not only do these high protein pancakes taste great, but 1 serving gives you 35 gr of muscle-building protein together with 33 gr of very low glycemic carbohydrates for muscle glycogen storage and long lasting energy. These tasty protein pancakes can be eaten for breakfast or as a daytime snack. It is simple, quick and healthy.
    Nutritech Protein Pancakes Mix is the answer for an ideal quick and easy meal for those who follow a healthy lifestyle. Starting the day with adequate protein is vital to strength, energy and proper body maintenance. Nutritech Protein Pancakes Mix provides the ideal breakfast, or any time “healthy” treat or snack. Traditionally served pancakes just don’t provide decent levels of high quality protein without high levels of simple sugars and fat. Light and with a great aroma Nutritech Protein Pancakes are good enough to eat straight from the pan, no butter, syrup or honey needed.

Nutritech Pure Karbolyn (1KG)


Karbolyn® is a homopolysaccharide (relatively complex carbohydrate) and is made up of many monosaccharides joined together by glycosidic bonds. These are very large bonds that are branched macromolecules. The “Molecular Mass” has been precisely manipulated to create absorption through the stomach at a rate much greater than maltodextrin, dextrose, breads, pasta, or rice.

Karbolyn is a patent pending carbohydrate that contains very unique properties. Because Karbolyn passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it. This high tech carbohydrate actually moves through the stomach faster than dextrose or sugar. Karbolyn also has a higher solution osmolality than dextrose, sucrose or many other carbohydrate powder mixes on the market. This is due to the unique properties found in the patent pending process. Karbolyn is completely sugar free.

Karbolyn® was invented for the sole purpose of carbohydrate loading. It was designed for Elite Athletes looking for a fast, safe and high performance way to easily load the muscle with accessible muscle energy (glycogen). Karbolyn® has been instantized, so it mixes instantly! If you are looking to diet for a show or pack on some mass, Karbolyn® is the ideal carbohydrate to get the results you are looking for.

Nutritech Shape Shake ( 900gr )


Shape shake is a high quality protein shake that will keep you feeling full for a long time. Shape Shake multi-source protein blend contains milk protein and protein isolate. Milk proteins have all 9 essential amino acids required by humans and are bioavailable.

Shape Shake is more than just a great tasting protein, it also contains C.L.A, taurine, carnitine and fibers. C.L.A. (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) belongs to the omega family of fatty acids, which perform vital functions in the body, may be beneficial in numerous health conditions, including heart disease and cancer, and may reduce body fat. Taurine is the amino acid of anxiety control and stress management because it will lower cortisol and helps people sleep better. It also improves athletic performance and reaction time, making it useful for athletes. It supports insulin health, can help prevent diabetes, and elevates energy production. L-Carnitine is a nutrient that helps the body break down fat and turn it into energy. It also increases the activity of certain nerve cells in the central nervous system. L-Carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced by the body in the liver and kidneys and stored in the skeletal muscles, heart, brain and sperm. Fiber may help lower total blood cholesterol levels by lowering low-density lipoprotein, or “bad,” cholesterol levels and tends to make a meal feel larger and linger longer, so you stay full for a greater amount of time.
The creamy Shape Shake of Nutritech contains very little sugar, it mixes easily and tastes incredible! With only 102 calories per serving, you can enjoy your shake with a clear conscience. Combined with a proper diet and exercises, Shape Shake will help you achieve your goals.


Nutritech Super Protein Complex ( 2KG )

65.00 55.00

Super Protein Complex is an ideal blend of 6 high quality protein sources. Our specific proportions in this unique combination makes this formula one of the best on the market. The special blend of these six different sources provides continuous protein utilization, creating a “time release” formula for increased nitrogen retention.

All proteins digest at different rates, from very fast to very slow, ensuring constant amino acid supply to the body. Whey protein hydrolysate is absorbed immediately, and whey isolate and concentrate breakdown quickly within 1-2 hours after consumption. Egg albumin and calcium caseinate takes 3-4 hours to absorb while miscelar casein may take even longer

The addition of Aminogen© (cutting edge digestive enzymes) provides maximum absorption. Aminogen© gives you more from your protein, by helping your body breakdown and absorb more Amino acids and maintain a better nitrogen balance. Clinical trials prove that Aminogen© boast levels of all amino acids, including arginine and glutamine and releases much more branched chained amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine.